When I was pregnant with my first baby in 2012, I knew that babywearing would be a necessary part of our lives.  I was a full time student and would be headed back to school shortly after having my baby.  I accumulated several carriers and we had a wonderful midwife who showed me how to use them.  Within a week of welcoming my baby, Jack, into the world I started wearing him.  I wore him on campus and to class, running errands, and around the house.  I also found baby carriers to be helpful for hands free nursing and nursing on the go.  I soon realized that this was not something that we would only do every once in a while when hiking (which is what I sort of imagined) - this was going to be a part of our everyday lives for quite some time.  

When Jack was three months old, I learned about a local babywearing group.  Up until that point, I had never even heard the term "babywearing!"  Well, I attended my first meeting and I was in love.  I learned about proper and safe babywearing, was introduced to the world of woven wraps, and got to spend time with other moms who were going through the same things as my own family.  

I spent the next few months trying different wraps and carriers.  While I really enjoyed using both my wraps and my soft structured (full buckle) carrier, I became very interested in mei tai baby carriers and I decided to make my own.  I assumed that I would go through a few different designs before settling on one that I really liked.  However, I made my first carrier with a buckle waist and padded wrap straps and I loved it.  It became my go to carrier.  

I am excited to be sharing my carriers with other families and I trust that you find them as valuable as I do.  I hope that they allow you to involve your little one in all of your family's favorite activities and strengthen your quality of life.